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United States
Hello! I'm 宜潔☆彡 (ㄧˊㄐㄧㄝˊ)

Thank you for visiting my dA! I am just a digital art student with a weird personality. I hope we can become friends now on.

Feel free to send me message or note! I love hearing and talking with you all(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Call me Jun if you don't have Chinese keyboard(。・ω・。)


LINE: choi_junhongie



I'm not very good at articulating how to explain or say what goes on in my head cause I can't talk fast enough or find the word for it so I'll just label the instances. My thoughts will probably develop as I go as well, getting deeper into the subject. And I do not stop the process, it does not filter, just write as I go. 

Topic: soul mates

Ok ok statement thinking time. Hmm brain fart. 

First, definition time.

Soul mate:  "a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner."

Welp not really what I was going for but Google tried. (Just the "ideally suited" kinda throws me off and contrasts with my idea hmm problem in the beginning. aLL REadY oFF To A GOoD StaRt)

Soul mates. Some believe it's real and others don't. However, thinking from a believers point of view, I think the idea is really sad(1 already sorry). 

I imagine a soul mate is your destined, your true true love. But, that person necessarily doesn't have to meet you early on. Thus, it leads me to think "life must be miserable(2) believing in a soulmate as a goal or destiny or even as an idea." 

Your soul mate could be on the other side of the world, you might never meet them till later in life or close to death even, you might actually met the person or are in contact but are "blind" to your "destiny", they could be a random person you passed on the street, or the person could even be close(in proximity) but you don't know they are your soul mate. The possibilities are endless. 

I personally think the idea is very mysterious as well because the aspect of a wide range of people yet honing in on one specific person is mind boggling.

But back to thinking on a relationship type of track. Because the possibilities are endless for the situation, your destined one could be dating someone else at the time or married or even going through a relationship that might end soon enough(cause YOURE their souls mate duh. Or does it work that way hmm I'll think about that later). The thought my soul mate could be in pain from someone else and they are hurting due to emotional damage or even physical damage makes me feel very useless(3). The thought I am destined to be with that person and find true true love with them, yet they are hurting and I can't do anything within my power to help the because they might be: across the world, I don't know them yet, and etc. is unfathomable to me.

Remembering and reading a side note from above gets me thinking "are soul mates mutual??" I have never though if someone could possible your soul mate but they have their own(?) but that would create many problems with double mates. AGGGHHH this was just a topic waiting for me to fall in the confusion and loop hole pit. So if soul mates WERENT mutual then there would be problems of people having the same soul mate even though it's a small probability considering there are billions of people on the earth. However, contradicting the statement, the mutual idea is a problem as well. If one soul mate is meant for another then that drops out two potential soul mates leaving everyone to have a soul mate and leaving note and an endless cycle of thinking of the idea every time a person is born.(uggghhhh idk what even was I trying to say wth the last part)

Is having a soul mate "determined" at birth? Huh idk.

What happens if your soul mate dies early but you still haven't met them yet? Doesn't that mess up the whole mutual thing(if it's actually like that)? If so the problem would result in double pairing just leading to the problem of the non mutual idea. (Aw yeah I think I just came full circle, maybe)

Is it possible to not love your soul mate? I mean that's going against the whole idea of what (at least my idea) of a soul mate is but it's possible. Humans are irrational beings. 

However, with all these questions being prompted in my head and now here(sorry), the most that stuck with me was the narrow-bility of a soul mate. With billions of people in the world of 2017 I still can't imagine there is one person, one specific person, who will laugh with me, share memories with me, grow old with me, and be with me and one day fate will commence and we will be soul mates. 

But I am left only to hope and dream. (And a lot of questions)

Finally. It's over! That was a lot of rambling honestly but I think it went well(?)

I'm not really a person who thinks about this stuff normally but I was listening to "seventeen" and "dead girl walking reprise" so the idea came to mind. Oh well

Sooo I just ended up playing with photoshop for an hour and just ended up with this. Guess this is an exception to my last updateHakase Bashful Icon 
My submitted art that got chosen for awards. This will be the last I will be submitting for a while since I am very busyShokugeki no Soma - Megumi (Scared) V1 

Stay healthy, everyone, and live life's to the fullest with lots of smiles!Miku Love [V1] Yato Smile Icon 
Tagged AsterMerveilleux Iwaizumi Hajime icon 

1. Pick on of your OCs
2. Fill in the questions as if you were the OC
3. Tag four people to do this meme

For the people who don't know cause only a few know, icon thingy (little jun) is not an OC. Its just a "persona"

my my brother and I were trying to do thinking of a character that is well me, so my voice...sounds like a child. /yet I'm so tall (T ^ T)/ So long story short, the little jun is just a character of my voice pretty much. My brother wanted credit for it too so that's why the sweater's blue, it's his favorite.

Soooooooo this is gonna be redundantOikawa Talking Icon 

1.) what is your name?

2.) do you know why you are named that?
宜 means proper. And 潔 is clean.

3.) are you single or taken? 
I am single for crying out loud. 

4.) have any abilities or powers?
does being human count?

5.)stop being a Mary Sue.
but I'm a real personKageyama Turn Icon 

6.) what's your eye color?
dark brown

7.) how about hair color?
dark dark brown

8.)have any family members?
Yes. My mom, dad, little brother, and dog

9.) oh? How about pets?

10.) that's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

11.)do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
piano and draw

12.)have you ever hurt anyone in any way?
maybe? Yes. Mostly on accident

13.) ever...killed anyone before?

14.) what kind of animal are you?

15.) name your worst habits?
i tend to end up dragging the blanket with me off the bed and around the house when I get up

16.) do you look up to anyone at all?
of course! My dad and fellow peers

17.) are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
straight I think

18.) do you go to school?

19.) ever want to marry and have kids one day?

20.) do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
i don't know 

21.)what are you most afraid of?
losing everyone

22.) what do you usually wear?
/lol my brother makes fun of me for this/ I always wear jeans and a really comfy shirt that's long sleeve and red and white stripes...the thing is, he says I am literally where's waldo

23.)what's ones food that tempts you?
tomato maybe

24.) am I annoying to you?
maybe /wow thanks for the long 35 question tag ashHinata Fired Up Icon ill be sure to repay the tanks one day/


26.)what class are you in (low/middle/high)?

27.) how many friends do you have?

28.) what are your thoughts on pie?
its good!! So good!!!! HAVETOHAVEIT

29.) favorite drink?
soup /fight me/

30.) what's your favorite place?
bed /the word bed is literally a bed/

31.) are you interested in anyone?

32.) that was a stupid question...
Kuroo Laughing Icon 

33.) would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
i don't like either cause I can't see what's under the water.

34.) what's your type?
type? Like Pokémon?

35.) camping or outdoors?
arent those the same things...the horror

I don't want anyone to suffer from having to do this but if you are interested JUST DO ITjust DO IT!!! 



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